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SWL are proud to announce the incorporation of Lloyds Ship Safety Services Ltd and has been approved by Bureau Veritas  as an independent provider for the thorough examination, operational testing, repair and overhaul of lifeboats, launching appliances and on-load release gear.

“Whatever shipping sector your fleet operates in, your life saving appliances must be tested and inspected in accordance with current regulations IMO; MSC.1/Circ.1206; SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 20 & 36”


SWL recognise the special requirements of managing lifting equipment in the marine environment.

We have developed a team ship3of engineers and management system to ensure that lifting  equipment on vessels is inspected and tested in accordance with both Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment regulations 2006 (LOLER2006) and MGN 332 (M&F).

The owners of this equipment on board all British Flagged vessels and that of other states operating within UK and the European Waters as these regulations are a harmonised EU standard, must adhere to these regulations.

Our Lifting Equipment Management System, operated by a number of ship owners/manager’s, is controlled by our ‘Sure Cert’ database and listed by vessel name to ensure that no equipment becomes overdue for thorough examination or proof load test.

Our Engineers can attend vessel’s locally within the UK, or travel as a riding squad worldwide to meet marine client requirements.

We can also offer a number of innovations, to ensure compliance to LOLER 2006 whilst reducing costs.

We include within our Lifting Equipment Management System  to also carry out the Inspection and Testing of Gangways and Accommodation Ladders in accordance with International Maritime Organisation MSC.1/circ 1331.

SWL can also carry out testing of Mooring Winches and Capstans, Brake Render tests and Bollard Pulls.

SWL can also supply tested lifting machines and accessories, mooring ropes, wire rope, cargo nets and accommodation ladder nets.

SWL Carry out Test & Inspection of all vessel lifting gear

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