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Industry Information


In 1943 the London Chain Testers Associate was formed by its founding members, by 1946 the name was changed to the Chain Testers Association of Great Britain and it became the UK authority for safe lifting and handling. It soon became the main provider of training within the UK for the test, examination and maintenance of lifting gear. Since 1988 it has been known as LEEA and it trains candidates all over the world.


Legislation changes all the time and LEEA as the font of knowledge in the industry continually designs courses and keeps up with the changes. 


SWL have a policy of continuous improvement and we always have engineers on courses with LEEA, in addition our apprentices have a day release course with local collages studying Mechanical Engineering. It is our policy to improve standards for both our staff and customers and our in house training together and with the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association we will continue to do so. Members of LEEA benefit from the following:


  • Training Services
  • Examination and Licensing System
  • Official Industry Representation
  • Publications (Capsule)
  • Technical Support
  • Industry Standards Setting
  • Health and Safety
  • Members Marketing
  • Team Cards
  • LEEA Academy

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