WISH Waste Industry Health & Safety

WISH – Waste Industry Health and Safety
Waste Industry Health and Safety has been initiated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to offer a forum to encourage best practice throughout the Waste Collection Recycling and Disposal sectors of industry.
WISH Meets on a regular basis to review and update best practice where possibe.  Their guidance does not constitute statutute law, nor hold the status of an approved code of practice.  They do, however, offer guidance on a number of issues. These issues cover from Bin Hoist and Lift Examination and Testing to the removal and disposal of Asbestos impregnated concrete.
SWL Rope Lifting & Testing Ltd Has worked with Both Local Government and Independant Waste Disposal Contractors both on Vehicle mounted Bin Lifter and Hoist Inspection, Examination, and Testing as well as premisis specific lifting and handling systems to deliver certification on many of the most Common Lifters from Terberg and Faun to Slim Jim and Razerback.  From Organic Pod Chain Lifters to Over the Front, Side, and Rear mounted Pneumatic/Hydraulic Euro Bin Lifters.  We have also tested and Certified Roto-press, Skip Lifting Trucks , Skips and Skip Lifting Points.
WISH Publication Number 5 concerns the safe use of Bin Lifters and Hoists. See our links page for a link to the WISH homepage and the download of WISH Number 5. Section 7 of the safe use of bin hoists and lifters is concerned with the Inspection, Examination, Testing and Certification of Bin hoists and Lifters.  It states that  These items must recieve Inspection from an independant third party according to the requirements of The Lifting Operation Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). According to LOLER 98 these hoists and lifts constitute Lifting Appliances (aka Lifting Machines) and therefore require Inspection, Examination, and Testing as required annually to enable re-certification.  It is worthy of note at this time that LOLER requires that the equipment is certified annually, it does not specify the standard the equipment is manufactured or inspected to.  This standard should be quoted by any competent person issuing certification against any Bin Lifter or Hoist.