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Eyebolts and Eye Nuts in Southampton, Hampshire

SWL in Southampton, Hampshire, offers the complete range of quality eyebolts and eye nuts in self-colour, electro-galvanised, and stainless steel options.

Eyebolts and Eye Nuts Services

Eyebolts and eye nuts, commonly referred to in the industry as ‘lifting eyes’ are available in standard Metric, BSW, and UNC threads.
Eyebolts and eye nuts offer the user a versatile solution in materials handling, lifting, and lashing applications. They attach to a structure to enable the attachment of shackles and other lifting or lashing gear.
Our range of eyebolts and eye nuts include standard BS4278 collared, long shank, Dynamo Eyebolts, Din 580 and Eyebolts with oval and revvable links.
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