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Round Slings in Southampton, Hampshire

SWL in Southampton, Hampshire, can design, supply, install, and maintain all height safety systems across the UK. All round slings supplied are manufactured to BS EN1492-2, and conform to “Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC,” with a safety factor of 7:1.

Round Slings Services

All round sling capacities are colour coded to indicate the working load limit, and are manufactured from high-tenacity 100% polyester fibre. The load bearing fibres are wound together to form an endless hank, providing premium strength. The working load limit is determined by the number of turns in the hank. The hank is then protected by a polyester, non-load bearing, seamless cover. This protects and consolidates the load bearing fibres. Internal damage to these fibres is virtually impossible without first damaging the outer cover.
All slings are individually labelled, captivated in clear plastic sleeve, stating sling number, material, length, date of manufacture and other relevant safety information. We also supply specially manufactured round slings for the entertainment industry.

Advantages of Round Slings

You can also refer to our useful 'How Much May I Lift?' guide. All slings can be provided with a suitable lifting protection, as required.

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