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Shackles in Southampton, Hampshire

SWL in Southampton, Hampshire, offers a comprehensive range of standard shackles services for use in a wide range of lifting operations.

Shackles Services

Shackles are used as the primary connecting links in all manner of rigging operations, with loads ranging from 0.5 tonne to 85 tonne. There are various types of shackles to select from depending on your requirements and application. With various different pin options i.e. Screw Pin (type A pin), Safety Pin (type E pin).

Bow Shackles

Manufactured to have a wider bowl in the head of the shackle allowing for twin slinging or the attachment of bulkier accessories. Unlike a dee shackle, a bow shackle can take some directional loading, however, it should be noted that depending on the angle of the loads pull the rated capacity of the shackle will need to be reduced.

Dee Shackles

Similar loads as a bow shackles within smaller body dimensions and supplied alongside bow shackles, offer the user a selection of body shape depending on the intended use. It is desirable to use a shackle with as small a jaw opening as is consistent with adequate articulation of the connection.

Green Pin Shackles

Our quality range of green pin bow and dee shackles meet the current standards EN 13889 and the performance requirements of US Fed Spec (rr-c-271; type IVA class 2, grade A) and are widely regarded as one of the best shackles for quality.

Economy Range Shackles

Our economy range of alloy bow and dee shackles, very similar in size to the green pin shackles, offer a cheaper alternative to the high-quality green pin shackle. These grade 6 high-tensile shackles have a hot dipped galvanised finish, and they conform generally to US-fed-Spec-rr-c-271.

British Standard Shackles

To BS 3032:1958 are widely used in the industrial and construction industries as a lifting shackles, and are also used in many marine mooring applications. BS shackles are available in galvanised and un-galvanised, and large and small versions.

Special Shackles

An excellent range of specialist shackles for more diverse lifting applications including piling, ROV, polar, trawling, wide mouth, and fixed nut shackles.

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