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LOLER Thorough Examinations in Southampton, Hampshire

SWL in Southampton, Hampshire, offers LOLER thorough examinations and rope testing services at all of our depots throughout the country.

LOLER Through Examinations

Ranging from in-house testing on our tensile and compression test machines to the on-site testing of all types of lifting/pulling appliances and accessories, we use a wide range of methods to carry out these tests, using anything from calibrated weight, water bags and hydraulics. SWL can provide periodic, thorough examinations which comply with LOLER 1998 & 2006 Regulations.
These can be carried out for a broad range of equipment, such as:

LOLER 2006 - Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations

These regulations are applied under the Statutory Instrument No. 2184 and were an adoption of harmonised EU Regulations. The rules cover any UK Flagged vessel and any other, irrespective of Flag State, that operate or trade within UK Waters, and are enforced by the MCA under MGN 332 (M&F).
These rules also cover Floating Cranes under a memorandum of understanding between the UK HSE and MCA.
SWL have a wealth of experience in the understanding and operation of these rules and can ensure that our clients remain compliant using our ‘Lifting Equipment Management System’ that all inspection, testing and electronic record keeping acceptable by MCA, is current and up to date.
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