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Fibre Rope in Southampton, Hampshire

SWL in Southampton, Hampshire, supplies a wide variety of fibre ropes, available in all sizes for many applications. These include mooring warps, anchor warps, marine ropes, climbing ropes, and lashing ropes available in all sizes, construction, and materials.

Fibre Rope Services

SWL offers a full range of premium, natural fibre, and manmade rope products to marine, fishing, safety, climbing, defence, and agriculture industries.
We can supply all our ropes in the complete range of diameters and constructions to suit your application. Ropes are made from a variety of different materials: natural ropes (sisal, jute, manila, hemp and cotton) or man-made rope (nylon, staple spun, polyester, braided, polypropylene and Hempex). To more specialist ropes (HMPE, Dyneema, Kevlar) all of which we offer at very competitive prices with quick delivery.
To complement our rope sales we offer a complete splicing service where we can supply made up rope assemblies to your specification and also carry out splicing work on site.
Some of the ropes we stock; nylon, polyester, polypropylene, sisal, manila, hardy hemp, natural hemp, and HMPE.
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